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Best Practices with Microsoft PPM

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Best Practices with Microsoft PPM 12/13/2018 10:00 AM PST 1.5 hours

Sensei-hosted Webinars

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Using Master Projects in Microsoft Project A master project is a single project that consists of other projects which are inserted as subprojects. Master projects are useful for analyzing a group of related projects, such as all projects in a program. In this 30-minute webinar, we will introduce you to the topic of master projects and show you two different methods for creating a master project. We will demonstrate how to create cross-project dependencies, show you how schedule changes in a predecessor project affects successor projects, and show you how to display the critical path in a master project.

Presenter Bio - Dale Howard:

Dale Howard is a seasoned training professional who is approaching 30 years of technical training experience. He has taught students how to effectively use every version of Microsoft Project beginning with version 4.0 for Windows 95, and every version of the Microsoft EPM tool beginning with Project Central in the year 2000. Dale possesses the coveted Project MVP title and is one of only 64 Project MVPs in the entire world. He is the co-author of 21 books on Microsoft Project and Project Server. Dale is known for high-energy, highly interactive style of presenting and teaching. He was voted the “Best Presenter” by conference participants at the Project Conference in 2012.
11/20/201811:30am CST30 minutes
Upgrading from Project Desktop to Project Online Are you considering a move to Microsoft Project Online and need guidance on its capabilities? Are you just curious about how Project Online is different from Project Desktop? This NEW webinar will compare the features and functionalities of Project Desktop vs Project Online. We'll demonstrate the differences in a live environment, discuss the significant advantages of upgrading, and help you understand how to make the move seamlessly.

Audience: Project Managers, Business Decision Makers
Level: Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced
Technical Content: Light to Moderate
12/5/201810:00am PST1.5 hours
Leverage Project Online for Legal Project Management Legal clients increasingly demand that their attorneys abandon the traditional “billable hour” (or “time and materials”) way of billing them for legal services in favor of Alternative Fee Arrangements (“AFAs”) and other value billing approaches, but without Legal Project Management (“LPM”) the profitable implementation of AFAs in a law firm or legal department is impossible. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Microsoft 365’s Project On-line and Power BI business analytics can be configured to enable a law firm or in-house legal department to track and monitor its cases, costs and profitability in “real time” using LPM.

Webinar highlights include:
• A “Top Level” introduction and overview of Microsoft 365’s Project On-line and Power BI
• How to customize Microsoft’s platform for use by a law firm or legal department to generate “real time” legal matter reporting with “dashboards” and Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”)
• A demonstration of how to use MS Project Templates for legal matters to quickly estimate costs, schedules and resource availability for common legal matters and to track and monitor such matters in “real time”
• How to get started on the road to successful LPM with the solutions demonstrated

Mark E. Lassiter is a trial attorney and legal project manager with over 34 years’ experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), business, real estate, construction and technology law matters. He’s an expert in the emerging field of Legal Project Management (“LPM”) and the founder of Microsoft Partner Lex Projex® (www.lexprojex.com), which “Transforms legal process to enhance legal value®” by developing and using project management templates, work breakdown structures, and workflows for legal matters to enable profitable Alternative Fee Arrangements (“AFAs”) and to track and monitor legal matters in “real time” using Microsoft Enterprise Project Management and business and data analytics tools.
12/12/201810:00am PST1 hour
How to Set up a Project Schedule to Be Used in my Organization There are plenty of organizations out there that use Microsoft Project stand alone to manage and control their projects. When we do not have a unified platform such as Project Online (or Project Server) to manage our projects, how do we ensure that the best practices are being used by all my project managers? In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss how to create and configure a standard schedule that can be propagated and shared in order to be used by all project managers in our company.12/18/201811:30am CST30 minutes