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Resource Names Not Appearing in Project Online Desktop Client


By John T Purvis, Principal Consultant at Sensei Project Solutions


It has come to our attention that a recent update to Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client (Version 1802, Build 9029.2054) results in Resource Names not appearing in views. This is a known problem that has been reported to Microsoft, and an update is expected to be released soon resolving the issue. In the meantime, we thought it would be beneficial to provide you with a resolution.

In the expected Task view, the Resource Names column should look as follows:

Figure 1: Expected Results in a Task view

Users experiencing the issue will not see Resource Names in their Task and Resource Views. In a task view, such as Gantt Chart, the resource names are blank and show only the assignment units:

Figure 2: Task view

In a resource view, such as Resource Sheet, the Resource Name column is blank:

Figure 3: Resource Sheet view


To resolve this problem, you simply need to delete your Cache folder. Don’t worry – once the application is restarted, the folder will automatically be re-created. In some cases, access to the required folder needs administrator rights.

Step 1: Close and check in all projects and exit Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client.

Step 2: Remove the existing Project Cache folder from the computer using File Explorer by going to C:\Users\<Your User Name>\.

If the AppData folder is not visible, check ‘Hidden items’ on the View ribbon

Figure 4: File Explorer showing Hidden items

Continue to navigate to AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > MS Project >16 to locate the Cache folder.

Figure 5: Cache folder

Step 3: Delete the Cache Folder.

When you restart Project Online Desktop Client, the problem will now be resolved.

We hope this makes life a little easier!

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