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Sensei Project Online Time Reporter™ Support

Thanks for your interest in the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter.  We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to use our app to submit your Project Online timesheet and update your project task progress.

There are a few things we’d like to tell you about this app, and later, we’ll address some of the questions we’ve been asked regarding technical specs.

This app was designed and developed for both the Android and iOS platforms to facilitate the tracking of hours worked per timesheet period through a timesheet in a mode called ‘Single Entry’.  For more details on single entry mode see this article on Office Support.  When you enable ‘Planned hours’ on the settings page, this allows you to view the planned hours for each task populated on your timesheet and input the actual hours you’ve worked per day.  If your organization only requires you to submit the total for the week in a single weekly column, the app supports that too.  

From the Timesheet page of the app, of course you can complete and submit the timesheet, but you can also do several other things.  You can add new lines, such as existing assignments, non-project or administrative time categories and if your organization allows you to submit time against personal tasks, you can add a personal task to your timesheet.  You can also filter and search for specific projects or tasks, navigate through your timesheet periods, recall and delete timesheets, and if you’re not quite ready to submit your timesheet you can save your work and come back to it later.

As we mentioned previously, the app is ideal for organizations that utilize the Project Online timesheet in Single Entry Mode, as all progress would be tracked through the submission of hours on the timesheet.

Now, if your team works a little differently, and prefers to track progress through the Tasks page instead, that’s ok!  The app supports the submission of actual hours and allows for the update of remaining hours through the Tasks page so that if the granular time-phased view is not your thing, you can still provide status updates to your project manager.  This works best when your organization is set up to track progress using the ‘Actual Work Done and Work Remaining’ method.  Since this mode doesn’t restrict your entry to a certain period, be sure that you’re entering the cumulative number of hours worked (the total) and providing an accurate estimate in the Remaining work field to complete the task. 

We’ve also provided the ability to track the percent of work complete as opposed to the cumulative number of hours of work done.  This method provides you the ability to update your task with the cumulative percentage of work complete (0-100) in the ‘% Work complete’ input box or simply use the checkbox to the right to set the task to 100% complete.  To use this method, your organization must be set up to track progress using the ‘Percent of work complete’ method.

The Tasks page allows you to filter and search for a specific project or task, sort the tasks the way you’d like, and update the view to show All, Current, Overdue, New, Incomplete and Completed Tasks.  When you select a task you’re then given the opportunity to edit that task and the fields that your organization allows for entry into will enable.  You can then update your work values, dates, or percent of work complete (depending on the configuration of your PWA), save your progress, or submit your update.  Easy and intuitive!

We hope you enjoy the freedom of tracking your project time on the go, and we look forward to continuing to enable mobile project teams with the tools they need to manage projects proactively! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I track percent of work complete through the app?

Yes! If your organization has set up your PWA for percent of work completed progress tracking you will be able to track this cumulative value in an input box on the ‘Task Details’ page. Note, When you have this enabled, any scheduling activities (changes to dates or hours) for the task must be done through PWA.

Q: How are my credentials stored on my device?

A: This depends on the platform of your mobile device.  For iPhones, Sensei Project Online Time Reporter uses Keychain to store user credentials on the device.  iOS provides a keychain to all iOS apps that can be used to store all sorts of sensitive data.  More information on Keychain can be found here:

For Android devices the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter leverages Android Keystore.  This allows the app to store cryptographic keys in a container to protect the credentials from unauthorized use.  More information can be found here:

Both the above methods prevent the extraction of the user credentials from the device.  If the app is removed from the device all data (including credentials) is removed as well.

Q: How does the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter authenticate to my PWA?

A: Sensei Project Online Time Reporter uses the Microsoft sign in page and modern authentication to allow for Microsoft Azure Multi Factor Authentication and custom organization sign in pages through ADFS.  These methods ensure that the data is secure and only you have access to your data through your Office 365 credentials.

Q: I have a task with no work on it, can I track percent of work complete on it to mark it complete?

A: No, currently all task progress tracked through the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter must be on tasks with work greater than zero.

Q: I lost my phone – will someone have access to my Task and Timesheet Data?

A: Your device can be wiped as long as it is enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM) through Office 365.  Your administrator can reset various capabilities of the device in different modes depending on the platform.  For more information on iPhone MDM see this article:

Q: I work in a region that uses the comma as the decimal separator – is this a problem?

A: No, the app will convert the comma to a decimal point (period) for submission of fractions of hours on the Timesheet and Tasks pages.

Q: I’m in a team assignment pool but can’t seem to add my team tasks to my timesheet. How can I do this?

A: In this case, you’d need to add your team tasks to your timesheet from Project Web App, and then you’ll see them on your timesheet in the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter.

Q: Is my data sent securely from the app to my Project Web App site and vice versa?

A: Yes, the data transmission requires SSL and data is encrypted through this protocol.

Q: Is my data stored outside of my organization?

A: No, all data that is displayed in the app is only stored on the device and your organizations Project Web App site.

Q: Is the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter App GDPR Compliant?

A: Yes.  Here’s a deep dive into how the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter App is GDPR compliant:

There is no personal user data asked/fetched:  As per GDPR, if any personal data is fetched then it should be only with the consent of the end user.  In the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter, we are NOT fetching any personal user data (not even the IP address) anywhere.

There is no sharing of data:  The mobile app and Sensei do not SHARE personal user data, because the mobile app does not retain any personal user data, because it does not ask for or fetch this type of data anywhere in the mobile app.

Data loss prevention:  Again, the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter doesn’t store any personal user data other than user credentials which are encrypted and being stored in keychain (iOS) and keystore (Android).

Complete transparency: GDPR dictates that there should be transparency while fetching user data and users should understand why the data is being requested.  Again, in the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter we do not request or look for any personal data, so this point does not apply.

Heightened Secured APIs: The APIs used in the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter are completely secured and on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which provides an encrypted link between server and mobile app.  This ensures that data passed between server and mobile app remains private, hidden and secure.

Cookies are not saved:  The Sensei Project Online Time Reporter does not have a web application, so we’re only generating cookies to connect the end user’s mobile app with their Project Web App through REST services.  The cookies generated are private and are destroyed once the mobile app receives a response from Project Web App.

More information can be found on GDPR Compliance here:

Q: My Organization uses Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to sign in to Office 365. Will this work with the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter?

A: Yes!  The Sensei Project Online Time Reporter uses Modern Authentication which will allow you to use the Microsoft sign in page, your ADFS page, and Multi-factor authentication.  In order to use Microsoft Azure MFA, your organization must subscribe to AAD premium, EMS or ECS.  More information on Microsoft Azure MFA here:

Q: Our organization uses Project Server on premises, does the app work with our servers?

A: No, the app is only supported for use with Project Online.

Q: We use a time reporting period longer than 7 days. Will this work with the app?

A: No, currently the app will only display 7 periods on the ‘Timesheet’ page.

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