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Sensei Project Online
Time Reporter

Sensei Project Online
Time Reporter

Timesheets on the Go!

The Sensei Project Online Time Reporter™ for Microsoft Project Online gives team members the freedom to submit timesheets and task updates from their mobile device through a native app experience on Android and iPhones.

The Time Reporter App enables your mobile workforce to collaborate from anywhere and provide real-time updates on the progress of their projects.

Extend the reach of Microsoft Project Online!

In Microsoft Project, when a project manager assigns tasks to team members and publishes to Project Web App, those assignments show up on the master task list for the individuals on the team. In addition, the tasks scheduled for the current time period will also show up on the timesheet alongside administrative tasks.

With the Sensei Time Reporter, users can now view the master task list on their phones as well.  The built-in views show ‘current’, ‘overdue’, ‘New’, ‘Incomplete’, ‘Completed’ and ‘all tasks’.  The task card shows the name of the task and which project it’s from as well as the percent work complete and start and finish dates.  The tile shows ‘remaining work’ and a red color indicates a task that’s running late; green is on track and purple is complete.

Tasks can be edited directly from the master task list and updates are then either saved or sent to the project manager for approval.

Within each of the task views, users can choose how to sort the view and also filter for tasks from specific projects.

In the Timesheet, users will see tasks for the current period and what work is planned for each day of the week.  They can track their actual work and also update the ‘remaining work’ for each task assignment.  The timesheet will show tasks from across all the projects the user is assigned to. If a task isn’t scheduled for this week, the user can add it by selecting from existing assignments. Non-project lines and personal tasks can also be added, if the Project Web App configuration allows it.

At the bottom of the timesheet are the administrative categories.  That is, the generic buckets of work not related to specific project schedules and non-working time. Typically, things like training and vacation.  Users can track time here and see the totals for the entire timesheet. When all time has been entered, the timesheet can be submitted and it’s now read-only and pending approval. The user can recall the timesheet for any updates.

The updates submitted through the app will show up in PWA and if they are approved by the project manager, the task updates will flow back into the Microsoft Project schedule.

iPhone and Android versions

Download the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter™ from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today and start realizing the benefits of on-the-go access to Tasks and Timesheets in Project Online.

Sensei Project Online Time Reporter™ Support

Have questions about the Sensei Project Online Time Reporter?  Please click here to access additional information about how we recommend using the app to track your time and update your tasks as well as a list of frequently asked questions we’ve gotten from our users.

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