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Sensei Schedule Analyzer™

Microsoft recognized Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ with the “Best MS Project Award” at the 2016 Ignite Conference!

A Microsoft Project 2016 add-in, Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ performs a series of quality checks on your entire Microsoft Project schedule to ensure compliance to industry standards and best practices, including the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Practice Standards for WBS and Scheduling; and Sensei’s Proactive Scheduling principles.

After completing the quality check, Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ provides a score for the schedule and a full report of suggestions to correct problem areas. Built-in training within the app teaches the reasons behind each check, and the summary reports can be exported to a PDF for a full overview on problem areas. The app can also automatically fix certain problems—helping organizations get to compliance faster.

Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ gives organizations a PPM solution that can improve timely delivery, reduce cost overruns, and enhance scope management and resource capacity/demand management.

Individual User

Project managers can acquire the Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ through the Microsoft Office Store.

Enterprise License

Organizations can acquire an enterprise license for the Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ directly from Sensei Project Solutions.

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