Sensei Bulk Update™

For Microsoft Project Professional 2013

Sensei Bulk Update™

The Sensei Bulk Update™ allows your application administrator to quickly publish updates to project level enterprise fields. These updates are made over multiple projects that can be selected individually or through the use of build in filters. The Sensei Project Update™ works with Project Online and Project Server 2013. The Sensei Bulk Update features allows multiple enterprise fields to be updated quickly over selected projects.

  • Choose your projects by filtering by start, finish, owner, and enterprise project types. Use these project filters to target key projects in your portfolio.
  • Choose the targeted custom fields.
  • Specify a single value that will be applied across all selected projects.
  • Monitor the status of each project as changes to custom fields are made.

Select Projects

The Sensei Bulk Update™ allows for the bulk entry of enterprise project fields over multiple projects.

Your first step is to select the projects that will be part of the bulk edit. Use the available filters to focus on the key projects in your portfolio. At least one project must be selected but typically enterprise fields are edited over multiple projects.

Once your projects have been chosen select the “Next” button to select the enterprise fields that will be edited.

Select Custom Fields

In this step you select the enterprise fields that will be part of the bulk edit. At least one enterprise field must be selected.

Once your enterprise fields have been chosen select the “Next” button to proceed to the entry of enterprise field values.

Publish Updates

In this step you will update the enterprise fields that have been selected for bulk edit.sensei_app_icon_bulk_editor_AND

It is possible to apply a single value to a custom field across all selected projects, simply select the “Apply to All” option for the desired custom field.

Once you finish entering new values into the bulk entry grid, select “Publish” to publish the updates. Only enterprise fields that have been changed will be published.

If at any point you wish to cancel the bulk edit select the back button and you will be return to the Bulk Update’s project selection.

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Fig 1. Selecting Projects

Fig. 1. Selecting Projects

Fig 2. Selecting Enterprise Fields

Fig. 2. Selecting Enterprise Fields

Fig 3. Updating Enterprise Fields

Fig. 3. Updating Enterprise Fields